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Our Travel Allure

Sicily Allure is a travel concept and curatorial project that aims to conserve and restore a wonderful, though abused, travel notion: tailor-made. Now more than ever, this word, together with its synonyms (bespoke, à la carte, concierge, exclusive and luxury), coupled with words such as trip, journey, itinerary, adventure, does not really mean anything anymore.



We are a small sparkling luxury travel company, our main focus is on Sicily, 25,711 sq km (99,27 sq mi) of culture, beauty and contradiction in an immensely warm capital to be discovered. Our mission is to read its daily poetry enclosed in its vital rhythm.

It is a land of chaos and beauty: a juxtaposition of order and disorder that delivers a unique destination that you will never forget! Thanks to ethical and courageous choices, our main stars are the women and men who make Sicily one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Our travel allure is characterized by abrupt moments of elation in between moments of leisure and relaxation.


Sicily Allure’s soundtrack arrangement is like a mixture of human warmth, nature, culture, architecture and enogastronomy. Our distinctive signature is based on a genuine local approach, inspired by a long tradition of meticulous Italian artisanal work, we deliver a true artefact exquisitely crafted and pervaded by authentic attention to detail.

It is like the lovely touch of an unusual encounter with an adorable eclectic point of view of a local boutique destination management company proud to define itself differently